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Five Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Can Do

Five Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Can Do

Android phones are great – aside from the usual messaging and calling, they can be your personal alarm clock, calender, music player, weather adviser, traffic guide and a lot more. However, your Android phone can do a lot more, and the only way to discover them is to tinker around with the settings. Here is a short list of things that your Android phone can do that you may or may not know about.

  • Switch to 3G – 4G connections are great, when you have them. Unfortunately, 4G connectivity is a hit-or-miss. Did you know that staying connected to 4G constantly can drain your battery’s life and send you over your monthly data limit? Under the mobile networks tab in your settings, you can change to a CDMA (3G) connection if 4G is unavailable or if you would like to conserve your battery.
  • Add custom words to your dictionary – If you have that one friend with an awkwardly spelled name, or if your job requires you to use a lot of high-sounding, complicated terms, writing messages and notes can be difficult. However, you can simply add weird terms and phrases on your dictionary so it is included in your phone’s auto complete bank. This way, all you have to do is type in the first few letters of the word before your phone gives you its auto-complete suggestion.
  • Display your user info – Losing your phone can be a stressful thing, but with newer Android models, the phone itself gives whoever finds it a way to contact you. Under the screen security settings in your settings menu, you can choose to display your user info on your lock screen. You can add your name, phone number, and email on the lock screen to make it easier for anybody to give the phone back to you. Realistically, this doesn’t really increase the chances of your phone getting returned, especially if the person who finds it is less than honourable.
  • Quick Responses – Auto responders are not limited to traditional desktop email services, as you can compose automatic responses on your mobile as well. If you tend to decline calls when you’re in a meeting, you can compose an automated response for it. So the next time you’re in a meeting and someone calls, you can simply slide your thumb upwards to access the auto-responder options and send the pre-written reply of your choice.
  • Take Screenshots – If you want to take a screenshot, you can do so by simultaneously pressing the volume down button and power key. Don’t release the buttons until you hear that trademark shutter sound. Yes, it’s more complicated compared to the iPhone, but it’s nice to know that it’s there.

As newer handsets are released in the market, the number of things you can do with your Android phone is increased exponentially. While reading the manual may be a bit boring, it’s better than being completely ignorant to the awesome things your phone can do. The list above is just the tip of the iceberg – your phone can do so much more, so go ahead and explore!

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