About Us

WACVC Phones is an online service that provides consumers with up-to-date information on the mobile telecommunications industries. We give you the latest news and updates on the latest handsets, operating systems and anything else under the mobile phone sun.

What we do

Here at WACVC Phones, we believe that since mobile phones play a huge part in our lives, we need to arm ourselves with enough information to make important decisions. Here you’ll find comparisons of different handsets, networks and operating systems to give you an idea how to save more money on your phone usage. The mobile phone industry is a competitive world, and our goal is to help you take advantage of this to get the best deals in the market.

The mobile phone arena is ever changing, and it never stays still even for a day. As users of mobile phones you need to keep up with the technology. Although most of this technology is beneficial, there is a dark side to it. We give you tips and tricks to avoid identity theft, phishing, hacking and scams that target mobile phone users.